LED Lighting terms & Terminology

Terms Explanation
IP Grade IP grade is graded according to the characteristics of lighting fixtures like dust-free and Moisture proof, Composed of two digits, the first digit indicates the grades of dustproof and preventing the intrusion of external objects (0-6), the second digit i
Luminous Intensity It refers to the brightness of the light source.Also means that the visible radiation of source in a certain direction and scope of the issue of physical strength.Unit: cd
Luminous Efficiency Light flux emitted divided by the power source.It is an important indicator to measure the energy efficiency of the light source.Unit:Lm/w
Color rendering (CRI/Ra) The naturalness of color. In normal conditions we call it Color Rendering Index, indoor color rendering is Ra,In numerical representation. Ra100 is the color rendering under sunlight
Color Temperature When the color of light source`s emitted light is same as the color of radiation light of blackbody At a certain temperature, the temperature of blackbody is the color temperature of that light source. (Only white light has color temperature) Unit:Kelvin
Dazzle/Glare There are extremely bright objects or sharply contrasting brightness within the field of vision, which makes vision unconfortable. Glare is an important factor affecting the quality of lighting